Start small, every big tree started as a small seed

Girls wearing crop top t-shirts statement better than yesterday

Sometimes we wonder how big trees became so big. 

It must be a challenging task, imagine starting from one little seed with little to no resources, from under the ground and making it to the sky as high as you possibly can and as strong as you possibly can.   

For us humans, it is not different. We also start from little seeds and our bodies grow little by little until we reach our maximum height and size.

But what about our development, our goals and dreams? How do they start?  How do they grow?

For many people, this is a big issue.  Many out there see big dreams and big goals as an impossible.

At some point, we forget our original behaviour, and we start losing track and getting stuck, because we believe progress is made by big strides, and if we don’t achieve big results in the short term, we see it as a failure and we abandon our growth path.

The solution to this problem is actually quite simple.  Remember, everything always starts small, and then it progressively grows to its maximum, but it always happens bit by bit.  We only need to learn to see it, to embrace it and appreciate it.

This first post in our blog is the seed of something that it will become bigger, better and stronger, bit by bit.

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