You only need to be better than yesterday

While many people around the world are making great efforts to make progress and achieve their goals.  It’s also true that many of us also suffer from different issues derived from the anxiety that trying to be successful generates.  

One common issue is that we tend to disregard our efforts because we don’t achieve enough or we don’t make enough progress.  As a consequence,  we generally abandon the pursue for our goals and dreams very often.

But what if we change the perspective and instead of viewing progress from behind, we look at progress with a sort of rear view? 

By simply assuming that all we need to do with any task, project, goal or dream is to make it a little better, one bit a time, we can cleverly remove anxiety from the equation and allow ourselves not only to continuously make progress but also enjoy the process.

And the only comparison you need to do is with the version of you from yesterday.  You only need to be better than yesterday.

With this simple statement, that you can take with you in every situation of your life, you can feel empowered and even inspired to achieve anything.

We are so excited that we are here for our community, to help you all be that little better, but also to collectively be Better Than Yesterday.

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